The unexpected road: part II

Posted on by bporwit

One of the uncanny things about this is where I have ended up having my day job.  I was called up by the union to do admin support for Hem/Onc 9 months after I was laid off from my museum administration job at the UofM: right at the tail end of a 6 month period when not one or two, but 10 or 12 women I care about were all suddenly at one stage or another between diagnosis and death(with breast cancer). Up until that point in my life, cancer was just that scary thing people die from, and breast cancer was just that “pink thing.” I had had plenty of other, more pressing matters, to be concerned with. At the same time two other things were happening: one, I had stumbled onto this “everyday superhero” portrait theme in the studio and I could FEEL the powerful energy it was generating in the people I asked to imagine themselves this way —- and I was also looking at what to do with the rest of my “working” life, alone and with a special needs child, and going back to school for something medical seemed to be the answer. (so I’m now also taking prereqs for PA training – we’ll see how that all goes) Then I got the job here in Hem/Onc/Transplant.


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