Breast Cancer Superheroes

Celebrating and inspiring the heroic nature of individuals affected by breast cancer.

Heroes come from all walks of life, but the journey of those affected by cancer is profound.
The Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project exists to highlight the victorious spirit, the strength, courage and resilience of a representative group of the all-too-many brave women going down this road.

We select up to four subjects per year to go through a very personalized process of imagining themselves as their superhero of choice and then seeing that image created, bigger than life, in an original oil painting of them in their glory.

Once the painting is completed, we share the work in an unveiling ceremony at one of our partner organizations’ public events. Paintings then go on to exhibitions and installations to share these powerful images with friends, families, caregivers and community members.

These images give back to the cause — we offer our partner organizations the use of images to enhance regional patient support programs.

This WIN WIN WIN equation is an UPWARD SPIRAL for everyone!

Exhibition Sites

Fox Egg Gallery: October 2013
Studio Gallery 103 – California Building: February 2014


California Building, Studio 502: ONGOING – First Thursday and Second Saturday Open Studio program – work in progress and completed portraits will be on view.

Partner Organizations


Good Look Ink

BC Superhero Subjects 2012

Radiation Diva

Wonder Woman Katy

BC Superhero Subjects 2013:

The AlchemistSuper-Hero-Portraits-Photo-by-Doug-Webb-Connect-Artists-2013-10-20-IMG_2140 (3)

Phoenix Rising

Ruby Runner

BC Superhero Subjects 2014

The Honorable and Joyful Lady Justice

BC Superhero Subjects 2015:

The Butterfly of Rio


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