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Check Out Our Next Subject-Anca Sima!

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Anca Sima "The Butterfly of Rio"

Anca Sima “Anca with her “wings” on the streets of Rio de Janiero: Anca booked this trip with her daughters and 7 closest female friends when she knew she was waiting for a diagnosis. Her doctor was flustered when she said “Thank you doctor, I’m going to Carnaval – we can talk when I get back in town!” – way to show how to relish LIFE, Mrs. Sima!!!!!!!”

The Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project is excited to announce our next subject – Anca Sima as “The Butterfly of Rio”. Anca is an outgoing, spunky, amazing woman who loves to travel and always knows where to find the fun! Right now, artist Barbara Porwit is in the drawing stages of her portrait. The unveiling will take place this October at Owatonna Hospital Allina in Owatonna, MN. Stay tuned for more updates!

Anca with the Christ the Redeemer, or Cristo Redentor statue in Rio de Janeiro: when I asked her if she saw this statue she got really excited saying ---- that’s a Romanian sculptor!!!!! What are the odds? (Anca is from Romania…..) Also, I think Anca is like Christ with her arms outstretched to all the world. Anyone who knows her would say the same. Anca, I think you are the Romanian SOCIAL Butterfly of Rio!

Anca with the Christ the Redeemer, or Cristo Redentor statue in Rio de Janeiro: when I asked her if she saw this statue she got really excited saying —- that’s a Romanian sculptor!!!!! What are the odds? (Anca is from Romania…..) Also, I think Anca is like Christ with her arms outstretched to all the world. Anyone who knows her would say the same. Anca, I think you are the Romanian SOCIAL Butterfly of Rio!

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Big news~!

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two women next to a superhero painting of Phoenix Rising

Lisa Dahlseid and artist Barbara Porwit share a moment next to the painting of Lisa as Phoenix Rising.

Hello folks — It’s been a while since I wrote – but there is actually BIIIIG NEWS~~~~!!!!!

I received notification in June that I am the recipient of a Next Step Fund individual artist’s grant from MRAC (Metropolitan Regional Arts Council) supported by the McKnight Foundation – WOW!

I will take this opportunity to take some mini courses at The Art Academy in St Paul (I started Artistic Anatomy a couple weeks ago…) and two semesters studying with master Joe Paquet in Lowertown.

WOW. This is a major honor. I will be spending a lot of time focusing in on craft this year. The BCSuperhero Project will continue (you will be hearing more soon about what’s up!) but – if you need me, I may be painting……call me at the studio……….



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Join Us at the Event at Regla de Oro Saturday March 21st to Support Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project and the Angel Foundation Benefit!

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The Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project is very excited to have the support of Regla de Oro gallery owner Jessica Smith. Smith, who has deal with breast cancer in her own family, values the project tremendously and is taking the lead in developing merchandise featuring our supermodels to create a funding source for future portraits and to raise money for local patient support programs. Our first recipient organization will be the Angel Foundation at the reception on March 21, 2015.

During Barbara’s reception on Saturday, March 21st- 10% of all purchases at Regla de Oro will benefit the Angel Foundation, helping provide emergency financial assistance, education and support to adults living with cancer and their families.

This is a great opportunity to come and meet Barbara, buy her work, shop for fair trade gifts, check out Regla de Oro, and most importantly, support Breast Cancer Survivors in our community!


Time of event:

Gallery opening reception: March 21, 2015, 5-8pm

Gallery show: March 17–April 26, 2015

Location of event:

Regla de Oro Art Gallery and Fair Trade Gifts

2743 Lyndale Avenue So.

Minneapolis, MN 55408



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Extra! Extra! Read All About Us!

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superhero paintings on a wall

Superheroes at Boynton Health Service 2/31/2014

The Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project is excited to share the fast spreading publicity of the organization. We have been featured in the Star Tribune, Minnesota Monthly, Pioneer Press, Women You Should Know, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girl Facebook page has given us honorable mention. Also, let’s not forget how we were featured on the front cover of Minnesota Women’s Press with full article coverage. Check out the full article online here on pages 20-21: also featured an article about the Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project, “Breast Cancer Survivors Portrayed As Superheroes In Powerful Portrait Series”! How cool is that?

Read all of these wonderful articles to find out how the Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project is gaining “super fame”!

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“WonderWomen” Exhibit Gets Publicity

Posted on by bporwit
painting woman next to the painting of her as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Katy Tessman Stanoch (in the painting and in the flesh!).

The “WonderWomen” exhibit that was held at the University of Minnesota in the Katherine E. Nash Gallery was a hit. The exhibit featured female artists who created art from inspiration from comics, animation or pop culture. The “WonderWomen” exhibit drew publicity as well.  Amy Carlson Gustafson of the Pioneer Press, wrote about how the exhibit got its name from the gallery director at Katherine E. Nash Gallery, along with some of the background details on the event. Mary Abbe wrote an article, “Artists in Nash Gallery show are wonder women, indeed,” in the Star Tribune that also acknowledged the exhibit stating “feminist artists from around the world join forces for an impressive show at the U’s Katherine E. Nash Gallery.” These are wonderful articles to read! Click on the links to be brought to the full articles.

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Real-Life Wonder Woman

Posted on by bporwit

Real-Life Wonder Woman

The painting “WonderWoman Katy” is an inspiration. What could be more inspirational? More like “who”. This extraordinary painting was inspired by a real-life superhero, Katy Tessman Stanoch. Olivia Riley of Wake Magazine wrote an incredible article all about Katy,  her journey with breast cancer, and how she came to be one of Barbara Porwit’s models for her Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project. Click on the article and read to find out more.


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Arts Connect International post!

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Artist Barbara Porwit and her painting Ruby Runner from St Paul Pioneer Press Oct 2013. Photo: Jean Pieri

So check this out, we were featured by Arts Connect International: click to read the post in their series “7 Dresses for Health” – Day 8, Cancer – Thank you Marian Brown, and keep up the amazing work out there in Boston and beyond ——-

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WonderWomen in MN Women’s Press!

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Barb-Porwit-Photo-by-Doug-Webb-2013-06-29-IMG_7995 (2)

Zap! Pow! Snap!

Exciting news for our supermodels – Radiation Diva, Wonder Woman Katy and The Alchemist have been selected for an international show…..!

WonderWomen at the University of Minnesota’s Katherine Nash Gallery features work by women artists from around the world who are inspired by comics, animation or popular culture — the Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project fits right in.

Read the preview in the MN Women’s Press


Regis Center for Art, University of Minnesota
405 21st Avenue South, Minneapolis, 612/624-7530

Exhibition Dates
January 20 – February 14, 2015
Gallery hours are 11 am to 7 pm
Tuesday through Saturday

SAVE THE DATE: I’ll be participating in an artist’s panel discussion on Saturday, Jan 24!

Saturday, February 14, 2015
7:00 – 9:00pm Public Reception
7:00 – 10:00pm Fashion Show

Now that’s a way to start a new year…..

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Lynda Carter “likes” Katy’s Portrait!

Posted on by Kaitlyn Wasleske

Katy Tessman Stanoch, otherwise known as Wonder Woman Katy, posted a picture on Lynda Carter’s Facebook and got Lynda HERSELF to “like” it! How cool is that?


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Seeking Volunteers for 2015….

Posted on by bporwit

CalifDreamin14Post_CardLooking for something special for the holidays? We are too. Maybe we can help each other out!

Come to Studio 502 in the California Building this weekend: we’ll be open

Fri Nov 21: 5-10

Sat Nov 22: 12-5 (only)

during the California Dreamin’ Holiday Open Studio event —-

We’ll have lots of art for sale, you could take something special home for yourself or as a gift this season.

We’d also really like to talk to you about all the exciting things happening with the Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project – the project is growing fast and we need volunteers – we are setting up a board to help with a few things in 2015:



Site Relations


If you or someone you know is moved by this project and has talents or time to share, you could make a huge difference in how this project helps people.

We are starting quarterly meetings in January: start something special in the new year!

Please stop by – or you can contact me here:

Barbara Porwit




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