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Come here to check out what I’m working on lately…… and if I’m brave enough, I’ll let you tell me what you think! (I guess that’s MY Superhero part of the process!)

Wonder Woman Katy Jei Olson Chemo Queen Radiation Diva Lisa Pheonix Rising Molly In Her Ring of Light

Wonder Woman Katy

Wonder Woman Katy

Radiation Diva

Abbey Road

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Oil on Canvas
Panel size:
John, Ringo, and George: 3 1/2′ x 7 1/2′
Paul: 3′ x 7 1/2′
Overall Dimensions: 13 1/2′ x 7 1/2′

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Chemo Queen

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The Alchemist: Concept image


Jei went to her first chemo treatment fully prepared with her superhero goggles and “cape.”

These women don’t become superheroes when I paint them, they are already there!

In Jei’s words: The superhero I imagine myself as is a brainy inventor/tinkerer, hot-air balloon traveling circus artist with just a touch of magic that pops up when I’m exited about something.

If I laugh hard enough, I can float.  Time stands still for me when I’m on the move, and I can build something out of nothing.

I feed on beauty, and fan the flames of love in every heart I can reach.  I can communicate telepathically with  animals, and children, and can infect others with laughter and curiosity.

[Jei, I can’t wait to put brush to that image you put in words.]

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Wonder Woman Katy

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WORK IN PROGRESS: Concept Drawing

(based on a photo by Elli Rader)

Katy, a mother of two in Minnetonka, went in for her “baseline”  mammogram and within the month was in surgery for a double mastectomy  on her 40th birthday. She had still been nursing her youngest son.

Beautiful Katy, inside and out, exemplifies the superhero in this  journey. Singer, songwriter, mother, sister, daughter, wife, and  friend: Katy’s shining spirit cannot be taken by cancer.

Cancer free and living with intention and awareness, Katy continues on  her way.

Watch Katy performing her original songs:

Haikus Katy wrote throughout her breast cancer journey:

Katy’s children’s book about breast cancer:

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