Everyday Heroes

Remember when you KNEW you could fly? When you were ABSOLUTELY SURE that you were going to get the bad guy and save the day?

The Everyday Heroes Portrait Series is about remembering , reclaiming and recognizing that germ of pure energy inside each and every one of us. Children are natural subjects – they are still there, they haven’t forgotten yet — but this is about everyone. It’s about YOU too –

What superhero is inside of you? What are your superpowers? What are you able to do?

The power of imagination, and the realization of what is already within, are put to work in the making of these portraits, and integral in what happens to the subjects as they start seeing themselves this way, whimsically and fantastically – and what happens to everyone who sees them – for fun and for real.

Upcoming portraits:
Paper Bag Boy
Mylar Girl
Speech Queen
Yawning Girl

Commissions available – approximately 4-6 per year.
Prints available (contact Barbara)

Proceeds from sales benefit the Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project.

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