Already healing at Bethesda…..

Posted on by bporwit

ptg of woman in Phoenix costume rising from flamesNotes from the installation: while I was putting up the show at Bethesda Hospital last week, one of the first people to come through the cafe gallery (eating her lunch) commented on the work.

We were having a nice chat about how great it is that Bethesda puts such an effort to integrate the arts into their healing environment, “So do you work here?” “Yes, I’m one of the chaplains.” “What is your name?” “…Grace.” …… “really? a bit prophetic?” We were having a good laugh about that piece of serendipity when I told her a little bit about the BCSuperheroes project. She got a little bit quiet and then said, emphatically, “I’m so glad you are doing this. I’ve survived breast cancer twice.”

Really? The first person we even talked to there. The first person.



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