Behind the Superhero: Anca Sima- “The Butterfly of Rio”

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Anca Sima "The Butterfly of Rio"

Behind the Superhero:
Anca Sima- “The Butterfly of Rio”

Anca is an outgoing, spunky, amazing wife, mother, engineer and dancing queen who loves to travel and always knows where to find the fun!
Anca was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, one month after being diagnosed with stage four lymphoma. Before scheduling a mastectomy surgery, Anca first booked a trip of her dreams.
“I decided, I’m going to Carnival. Who’s coming with me?” she said, and seven of her girlfriends signed on to make the journey with her to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Anca has always loved rounding up friends for dancing, festivals and nights on the town.
Anca came back beaming with the exuberant spirit that her Carnival experience had sparked. She was ready to start her mastectomy process and grab Breast Cancer by the horns; Anca wasn’t going to let this cancer bring down her spirit.

“We all feel misery, and none of us know what’s coming. Cancer has made me think more deeply and helps me understand the suffering around me,” she said. “Zest for life is my superpower.”- Anca Sima

Artist’s notes:
Working with Anca, I found that her particular magic is the way she attracts people and brings them along with her. Her energy is so infectious, so positive, she has such joie de vivre. She’s the ringleader, the Pied Piper, the vortex of energy. I wanted to capture her spirit that seems to be saying, “Yahoo!”
– Barbara Portwit


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