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two women next to a superhero painting of Phoenix Rising

Lisa Dahlseid and artist Barbara Porwit share a moment next to the painting of Lisa as Phoenix Rising.

Hello folks — It’s been a while since I wrote – but there is actually BIIIIG NEWS~~~~!!!!!

I received notification in June that I am the recipient of a Next Step Fund individual artist’s grant from MRAC (Metropolitan Regional Arts Council) supported by theĀ McKnight Foundation – WOW!

I will take this opportunity to takeĀ some mini courses at The Art Academy in St Paul (I started Artistic Anatomy a couple weeks ago…) and two semesters studying with master Joe Paquet in Lowertown.

WOW. This is a major honor. I will be spending a lot of time focusing in on craft this year. The BCSuperhero Project will continue (you will be hearing more soon about what’s up!) but – if you need me, I may be painting……call me at the studio……….




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