Super Suzi Unveiling: 1/31/2014

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superhero paintings on a wall

Superheroes at Boynton Health Service 1/31/2014

Wow, what a night! I hardly have words to describe, how fantastic it was to work with Suzi Kazal Forst and watch her discover her inner gifts and her purpose in the process of finding her superhero self. Her Honorable and Joyful Lady Justice ( and her evil fighting sidekick, the Holy Goose!) were unveiled at Boynton Health Service at the U of M on January 31, 2014, in a room full of wonder, celebration and awe.

mother and daughter in front of painting of mother as Phoenix Rising
Phoneix Rising and her girl 


We were so lucky to be joined by Wonder Woman Katy Tessman Stanoch, Radiation Diva Jill Stanton, and Phoenix Rising Lisa Dahlseid, as they welcomed their sister into the hall of heroes.




three women telling story in front of paintings

Super Suzi Kazal Forst, artist Barbara Porwit and emcee Kevyn Burge

pulling drapery to unveil a painting

Unveiling Super Suzi…. Boynton Health Service, 1/31/2014  

painting of a woman flying in a judges robe with pink sparkle gun and goose

Her Honorable and Joyful Lady Justice, 1/31/2014


Our supermodels will be traveling to the Breast Cancer Awareness Association’s Breast Party in Town on Feb. 28 to spread the word of inspiration and encouragement to more women and families there. More info at


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