The unexpected road: part 1

Posted on by bporwit

Maybe it’s time to tallk a little bit more about why or how it is that I am even doing this project – I mean, who am I and what the heck am I doing something with breast cancer?

I want to thank the wonderful Jei Olson (chemo queen), who gave me the opportunity to bare some of these things in ur conversation yesterday – here is an excerpt:

I myself, have come into a turn in my life that is completely unexpected, and I am undoubtedly NOT an expert at the thing I am suddenly embarking on.  Of all the things I have experienced in my life that have been rough (*rough being a nice word for some of them) being directly involved with anyone going through cancer has not been one of them.

But something happened – it is almost as if I am being asked to be in contact with cancer (and this Superhero theme) at this point in my life. I could have said no, one says no to most of the invitations that are presented in life, you only truly say yes to a few – but after two years of not being able to sleep at night thinking about this, I have been compelled to take action.

So I’m feeling my way through and into this journey.



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