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superhero paintings on a wall

Superheroes at Boynton Health Service 2/31/2014

The Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project is excited to share the fast spreading publicity of the organization. We have been featured in the Star Tribune, Minnesota Monthly, Pioneer Press, Women You Should Know, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girl¬†Facebook page has given us honorable mention. Also, let’s not forget how we were featured on the front cover of Minnesota Women’s Press with full article coverage. Check out the full article online here on pages 20-21:¬†https://us5.admin.mailchimp.com/campaigns/show?id=1002701

Redbookmag.com also featured an article about the Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project, “Breast Cancer Survivors Portrayed As Superheroes In Powerful Portrait Series”! How cool is that?

Read all of these wonderful articles to find out how the Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project is gaining “super fame”!


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