“WonderWomen” Exhibit Gets Publicity

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painting woman next to the painting of her as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Katy Tessman Stanoch (in the painting and in the flesh!).

The “WonderWomen” exhibit that was held at the University of Minnesota in the Katherine E. Nash Gallery was a hit. The exhibit featured female artists who created art from inspiration from comics, animation or pop culture. The “WonderWomen” exhibit drew publicity as well.  Amy Carlson Gustafson of the Pioneer Press, wrote about how the exhibit got its name from the gallery director at Katherine E. Nash Gallery, along with some of the background details on the event. Mary Abbe wrote an article, “Artists in Nash Gallery show are wonder women, indeed,” in the Star Tribune that also acknowledged the exhibit stating “feminist artists from around the world join forces for an impressive show at the U’s Katherine E. Nash Gallery.” These are wonderful articles to read! Click on the links to be brought to the full articles.


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