Pop Icons

The Pop Icon series is a playful journey through our collective fascination with our cultural heroes: in this series, I basically seek to answer the question, who would you (your mother, your sister, your best friend) want on their wall and why?

The Beatles, Hank Williams and Mother Theresa have started out this set of images. Pieces range from the small 7” x 9” pen and ink of John and Paul all the way up to – yes, the LIFE SIZED reproduction of ABBEY ROAD!!!!!


WORK IN PROGRESS (estimated completion date October 2013)


Originals are for sale. Reproductions are available to share with friends and family.

Prints available (contact Barbara)

A limited number of original commissions are available. Slots now being booked through December of 2014.

Proceeds from sales benefit the Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project.

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