About Superhero Portrait Studios

It all started with a painting of my son as Spiderman —- and then it became about much more than one child’s innocent daydream. This is about celebrating and inspiring the superhero inside us all.

Dedicated to everyone who ever leapt off the couch in a cape, ready to get the bad guy and save the world……
I look forward to helping you bring out the superhero in you. Together we will work to find out the answer to these essential questions:

— if you were to be immortalized as your superhero of choice, who would you be and why?


—- how would you want to be pictured?

It can be as simple as seeing yourself as Spiderman or Wonder Woman, or as complex and individual as the life you have lived: I am here to create the visual image that tells the story of your victorious nature, your courage and your resilience.

Let’s get to it!

Barbara Porwit
Artist and Founder
Superhero Portrait Studios

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