Jei Olson: Super Human

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How Jei Olson feels about being a superhero: Most of the time Cancer didn’t make me feel all that sexy or heroic (though, sometimes, it did, and in surprising ways). In fact, I often felt fragile in the course of … Continue reading

Strong Woman Jei

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In a lot of ways, this image says it all.

Girl with the temporary tattoos: Jei Olson, The Alchemist

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Jei went to her chemo sessions dressed and ready: treating each one as a date. When she needed to shave her head, glitter and a new temporary tattoo became part of the ritual: all the nurses looked forward to seeing … Continue reading


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This was taken in an urgent care facility when Jei contracted a lung infection early on in chemo. The facility was like a war zone, and the gravity of the situation really hit – hard. Women writhing in pain on … Continue reading

More to the story….(Jei Olson, The Alchemist)

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Jei sans lymph nodes: after having her lymph nodes removed. By a rare occurrence, her lymph node malignancy began in a different node than the seminal node which had already been removed. Jei wanted to share this photo to say, … Continue reading

Jei Olson – The Alchemist

Posted on by bporwit Chemo Queen with Goggles concept image

Jei has been sending me more images, stories, and inspiration for her piece. She writes: COLOR!! Is a BIG YESSSSS! I like rich, Bold, lush, and saturated colors.  Anything that makes you want to bite into it. A mix of … Continue reading

Chemo Queen

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The Alchemist: Concept image EXPECTED COMPLETION: Jan-Mar 2013 Jei went to her first chemo treatment fully prepared with her superhero goggles and “cape.” These women don’t become superheroes when I paint them, they are already there! In Jei’s words: The superhero … Continue reading

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