Jei Olson – The Alchemist

Posted on by bporwit

Jei has been sending me more images, stories, and inspiration for her piece. She writes:

COLOR!! Is a BIG YESSSSS! I like rich, Bold, lush, and saturated colors.  Anything that makes you want to bite into it. A mix of warm and cold with a touch of gold or copper metallic is usually what I end up working with.  Purpley-Blues, Greeny-blue, Dark Lime, Persimmon and Saffron Oranges,  Mango-Yellow, deep Raspberry Reds, and Violet Reds, NO PINK, though! A touch of glossy deep gunmetal grey, or even black (just enough to make the colors look richer).

Jei’s living room (just to demonstrate):

Purple couch with flowers and colorful food

Chemo Queen with Goggles concept image


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