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Super-Hero-Portraits-Photo-by-Doug-Webb-Connect-Artists-2013-10-20-IMG_2144 (3)

(Image of Phoenix Rising here to help these three on their journey. Lisa herself is doing fine)

Today I have to take time to pay tribute. There have been a few incredible people who have made this world a much better place for so many who have come to the end of their lives with grace and dignity – one after a long full life and two others all too soon.

My drawing teacher passed away, I found out, in April. I by miraculous chance saw him in March and I got one more conversation with a beloved teacher. Even then, he was gentle, kind, patient, with just a little bit of wry humor that said, it’s OK, I understand. He is one of the (main) reasons I can draw like I do. What a treasure you were, Professor Cowette. Rest in Peace. Well done.

A master painter with an incredible zest for life and a fire within her that few ever glimpse passed a few weeks ago. I never got to meet you Vigee Blue, and the world has been robbed of all you would have done had you been given more time here.

A dear friend crossed over from this life last week. Debbie Sit, you were one of a kind. I will be forever grateful for your kindness, your gentleness, generosity and giving nature – not just to me and my son but to all around you, all the time. Even in the midst of your own trials and troubles you never complained, you always were making the lives of those around you easier and the world a better place. You and Peter have shown all of us how it should be done.

I am not a wise woman, I an bumbling through these things like we all do, and words so often are inadequate. But I pause to pay tribute to these wonderful people and the lives they lived. I am reminded that we all are here for just a short time to take our turn to do with what we are given all that we can. They certainly did.


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