Sunset: Part I

Posted on by bporwit
work in progress painting of woman and goose flying in sunset

Beginning laying in Suzi’s sunset 12-28-2013

You know what? Painting is COOL – spent the day mixing preliminary colors for Suzi’s sunset…..

AND – Suzi’s portrait will be unveiled at BOYNTON HEALTH SERVICE on Jan 31 – SAVE THE DATE!!!!!!!!!  (no pressure……) yeah!

To support the production of this portrait, you can donate here:

SKF WIP studio shot 2013 12 29






SKF WIP studio shot 2 2013 12 29


One response to “Sunset: Part I”

  1. Russ Erickson says:

    Wishing you and your wonderful project a fantastic New Year may it be all that you could hope for and more. Wishing every success in the coming year.

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