Year in Review: 2015 (Wow!)

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Well, everyone, 2015 was an amazing year.

Breast Cancer Superhero Anca Sima, the "Butterfly of Rio," being unveiled at Owatonna Hospital Allina (11/17/2015) (photo: Kim Hyatt, Owatonna People's Press)

Breast Cancer Superhero Anca Sima, the “Butterfly of Rio,” being unveiled at Owatonna Hospital Allina (11/17/2015) (photo: Kim Hyatt, Owatonna People’s Press)

The wonderful superladies of the Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project have been on display at:

– Katherine Nash Art Gallery, University of Minnesota (“WonderWomen”)
– Regla de Oro Fair Trade Gifts and Gallery, Minneapolis, MN (with a fundraiser for Angel Foundation and new BCSuperhero posters and greeting cards!)
– BioMedical Library, University of Minnesota (students from a Statistics course did a survey on the emotional impact of the show on viewers for their class study-)
– Owatonna Hospital Allina (now on view through end of February 2016)

They have been featured in local, national and even media overseas:

Star Tribune
Pioneer Press
Minnesota Women’s Press
Women You Should Know (out of NYC)
Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls
– Arts Connect International: 7 Dresses for Health (out of Boston, MA)
One Wig Stand (out of Lebanon! )

We’ve had a new supermodel join our ranks: Anca Sima, the “Butterfly of Rio,” was unveiled at Owatonna Hospital on Nov 17 – her story was covered in local newspapers where she really made a splash!

And capping off the year, the Minnesota Women’s Press named artist and founder Barbara Porwit (ie, me…) one of their 2015 “Changemakers” and featured my painting of Jei Olson, “the Alchemist” on the cover of the December Changemakers issue.

At this point, all I can really say is WOW.

two women next to a superhero painting of Phoenix Rising

Lisa Dahlseid and artist Barbara Porwit share a moment next to the painting of Lisa as Phoenix Rising.

There are so many people to thank, to name just a few: all our wonderful supermodels, writer and media liaison Kevun Burger, photographer Doug Webb, our fantastic University of Minnesota Duluth Health Education interns (Lisa Peterson, Jill Grensing, Amy Johnson, Barakat Titilope) and Professor Tornabene, Jessica Smith of Regla de Oro, Howard Oransky and Michelle Orr of the University of Minnesota, and Linda Hoffman, Natalie Ginter and Silvan Durben of the Owatonna Hospital Allina Healing Arts Program.
What will 2016 bring?

The first half of the year will bring, for me, an artist’s retreat. I’ve received a Next Step Fund artist’s grant from the Minneapolis Regional Arts Council and will be studying with master painters Jan – May.

After that we’ll be looking for a deserving subject to be honored as a Breast Cancer Superhero in 2016 – nominations welcome….

Have a wonderful year everyone – I hope to see all of us out there using our powers for good!

Barbara Porwit
Artist and Founder
Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project


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