Chemo Queen

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The Alchemist: Concept image


Jei went to her first chemo treatment fully prepared with her superhero goggles and “cape.”

These women don’t become superheroes when I paint them, they are already there!

In Jei’s words: The superhero I imagine myself as is a brainy inventor/tinkerer, hot-air balloon traveling circus artist with just a touch of magic that pops up when I’m exited about something.

If I laugh hard enough, I can float.  Time stands still for me when I’m on the move, and I can build something out of nothing.

I feed on beauty, and fan the flames of love in every heart I can reach.  I can communicate telepathically with  animals, and children, and can infect others with laughter and curiosity.

[Jei, I can’t wait to put brush to that image you put in words.]


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