Radiation Diva

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WORK IN PROGRESS: near completion

Jill, a 37 year old from Minneapolis, sent out posts each day during her radiation treatment saying, “such and such song was playing during my radiation today – what superpower do you think that gave me?” So now she has her Radiation Playlist and her list of all the superpowers she got from her treatment. Way to go Jill!

A burlesque dancer, she decided she wanted to be pictured with her fans. There were so many disco songs on the playlist she decided she needed a disco ball bra and made one to wear for her photo shoot!

Jill also decided she wanted her hospital bracelets transformed into Wonder Woman bracelets. I decided she needed to be deflecting breast cancer bullets.

She’s got this!


2 responses to “Radiation Diva”

  1. christine says:

    what a wonderful and original way to depict this woman. she looks determined and powerful. way to go.

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