Ruby Runner Can’t be Stopped!

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Wife, sister, mother of soldiers, grandmother, early bird baker, Packers fan, daughter of a breast cancer survivor

Diagnosed at 40 in 2009

Double mastectomy, reconstruction, chemo

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Anne has always embraced work. Growing up in northern Wisconsin, she labored in the ginseng, pickle and potato fields. As an adult she’s had office jobs. These days she’s a baker.

She likes the feeling of not just working, but working hard.

Anne’s breast cancer diagnosis did more than alter her body; her treatment changed her energy level. It was as if a button that regulates her stamina turned from high to low.

Chemotherapy knocked down her immune system as well. During treatment, she picked up the flu, an intestinal virus, pneumonia — twice. Her hemoglobin plunged, requiring a blood transfusion.

Her old vitality has still not returned.

“I’m grateful for the treatment but I miss the old me,” she said. “I’m so tired of being tired.”

As soon as Anne was asked to claim superpowers, she had a vision of Ruby Runner.

“She’s lean and strong and fast. She can walk and run forever. And she doesn’t need naps,” Anne said.

Anne is working to rebuild her strength. Someone suggested to Anne that maybe her reduced energy level is her ‘new normal.’

“I don’t accept that,” she said. “I won’t!”


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