The Honorable and Joyful Lady Justice

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Suzi is the subject that I did not know prior to the project.

One of her coworkers came through my studio at ArtAWhirl, saw the portraits, and said “There is someone you need to meet!”

Suzi-Q wrote to me soon: “I have a plastic goose that I bring with me and people give me costumes for her and one of them is a superhero costume, so that’s gotta count for something, right?” — Instant YES.

Suzi is bright, bouncy, hilarious; her Caring Bridge entry about emergency surgery read like stand-up comedy. She entered the process of identifying her persona by exploring powers, props, tools, plus the goose sidekick! She dove deeply, integrating her faith and search for meaning. Joy and Justice rose to the top. She chose a pose that says “joy” – flying at the viewer with her justice-and-joke-wielding gavel/bottle opener (humor is one of her superpowers) and her evil-fighting goose alongside. We’re going with a horizontal canvas, and this action pose will reveal the super Suzi. Plus the look in her eye, that dazzling smile – can’t wait to get started!


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