Wonder Woman Katy: 11 27 2012

Posted on by bporwit

Funny “work in progress” studio moment: I decided to refine the boots in the drawing for Wonder Woman Katy, spent about 1 1/2 hrs maniacally getting every detail from the photo, then later realized, you know, the boots in that photo shoot were kinda loose and bunchy – wouldn’t Wonder Woman want PERFECT boots? –

Ha! back to the “drawing” board – literally! —-

But, that’s one of the great parts of being an artist: reworking, refining, revisioning.

So today, I looked up vintage Wonder Woman images and realized, they should really be the classic red boots with the white stripes: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! — and classic red and white Wonder Woman boots she shall have!


pencil drawing of boots


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